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Death of a friend or acquaintance social media etiquette

I personally feel it is low-class and selfish to draw attention to yourself over the death of another. To me it reads like a transparent “look at me” message. People reaping likes and comments for an event that isn’t theirs to speak about. The dead person is someone else’s daughter, son, husband, wife, father or mother. The sadness you is nothing compared to that and it is not your story to tell. At least that’s how I feel about it. Let me know what you think.

Letter to my CEO goes viral

In the original letter, posted on Medium by Talia Jane, she complains and whines about how little she is being paid for the work she is doing at Yelp. Her argument is one of compensation equality at it’s root, and it is punctuated by tangents about how much the company spends on pistachio nuts instead of increasing her pay. The compensation debate is an important one to have and people have been having it for a long time. But why is this story from a privileged girls going viral? She isn’t suffering! She isn’t a single mother with 2 kids and 3 jobs unable to make ends meet. She is a college-educated young girl who chose to live alone and got a job right out of college. I am not saying she has it is, but of all the sob stories I have read recently, this is not the one that tugs on my heartstrings.

Anyway, the plot thickens a little when Stephanie Williams throws in her two cents about her career path, and the entitlement of the millennials.

Celebrities vs CEOs


This meme gave me pause. My gut reaction was how different these two types of rich figures are… But on further thought I actually couldn’t figure the difference out. Eric and I explore ways to shoot down this message.

Uprooting the leading causes of death

Dr. Greger gives a very compelling speech about how beneficial a plant-based diet really is. You should watch the entire speech if you care about your own health. In the mean time here are some key facts I pulled out while watching.

  • High blood pressure and hypertension treatable with plant-based diet. Sharp reduction in blood pressure in just 12 days.
  • Plant based diets prevent blood infections. Eating chicken proves to cause significant increase in UTI in women.
  • Kidney failure can be prevented and treated with a plant based diet. Kidneys need to work less filtering out animal protein toxins, also less cholesterol.
  • Vegan diet can prevent, treat and reverse obesity. Because of fiber-heavy food you stay fuller longer, breaking down fiber takes longer. Food is less calorically dense. In a calorie-controlled weight study, shows the annual weight gain of meat eaters is +5 pounds over vegans.
  • Plant based diet can prevent, treat, or even cure diabetes.
  • Meat eaters are 3 times more likely to develop alzheimer’s.
  • Vegan blood is 8 times more resistant to cancer (prostate and breast cancer) growth than the blood of people on a standard american diet.

Picks of the Week

Guns Don’t Kill People People Kill People


Coup is one of the best games I have played in a long time. It’s super easy to understand and has amazing depth. It only costs about $10, get it.

Vegan girl scout cookies


Shout out to the Girl Scouts for having so many vegan cookies! Lemonades, Thanksalots, Thin Mints and Tagalongs are all animal product free. Get some!

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