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Would Electoral College deny Trump Presidency?

Aside from an extending and winding conversation about Trump and politics in general, the more poignant question is, will the electoral college deny Trump? I argue they will for sure because Trump isn’t a “party boy” and he will not fall in line and do what they want. But what if he wins the popular vote? How will they explain it to the voters? interesting indeed.

Star Trek TNG: Survivors

I have a huge soft spot for Captain Picard and Star Trek TNG. I think that if we could select a single representative of humanity it should be Picard. He is absolutely the best of any of us.

Anyway, during my current session of watching the entire TNG series (again) an episode made me think. Strange, as I have seen this episode probably ten times and it never gave me pause before. In this episode a super powerful being (just like Q but not a Q) destroyed an entire alien civilization in a moment of rage. Seemingly unlike a Q, he cannot undo what he did, and he exiled himself to a single planet. Picard discovers this situation and has no choice by to just let him go on his way. I found this interesting for a variety of reasons.

Humans Should Stop Drinking Milk

Although Eric and Kurt did their best to troll me the entire conversation, and I got pretty pissed about it the point still stands. Milk does NOT go a body good and the only reason it’s been BEATEN into American culture so badly is unrestrained corruption and greed. Maybe I will revisit this topic someday again.

Brain Games are Bullshit?

Picks of the Week

Ask Me Anything Vol 1

Reddit published his book of 40 popular AMA and I think it’s pretty slick. One of the worst things about reddit (other than the users) is the shitty interface. I don’t actually ever look at Reddit AMAs despite how interested I am in many of the people because it’s so annoying to scroll through hundreds of stupid comments. This book streamlines that process but just posting good questions and answers. It’s $35 hardcover and looks great.


VSauce is a very popular youtube channel where Mr Vsauce answers a bunch of cool hypothetical science questions. If you don’t know about this channel already, you might as well check it out.

Snorting Booze Sweeps the Nation!?

Who ever heard of snorting brandy? It’s madness.

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