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Star Wars


Even though it sounds like we complain a lot about the movie, we both very much enjoyed it. We talk about all of the major plot points of the movie and venture into spoiler territory. But let’s be honest, if you care about star wars, you probably should have seen it by now. Also we can’t remember Rey’s name the ENTIRE podcast and call her Ren, along with Kylo-Ren the bad guy… Dumb on us.

Math Education


Adam, well-known “math guy,” ponders if he is into math because he was forced to do a bunch of grunt work early, allowing him to truly appreciate the more complex and interesting math later. I personally hated math early, but later find myself wishing I was better at it, and also enthralled by cool math concepts (Check out numberphile for cool math stuff).

I also wonder if totally gutting our math education system and replacing instead with course on how to “ask” computers to calculate for you. So instead of doing the math and understanding it, you simply need to know how to best ask a computer to give you the answer. Wouldn’t that get people deeper faster?

Reasoning in Aggregate (Does Your Vote Really Matter?)


Does any single person’s choice really matter? Adam wonders if he opts out of a plane flight, in order to minimize his personal carbon footprint, does it really matter? The plane is still going to fly, on time. The conversation that ventures into voting territory, and how we can overcome the knowledge that our singular vote really is insignificant and will almost never truly make a difference.

Picks of the Week

All is Lost

Movie has pretty much no lines, and no character interaction. Just 1 man on the open water trying to survive.

The Machinist

Most of the movies currently in the Paramount Vault are pretty old and lame, but then: The Machinist. Literally watch the entire movie free now.

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