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Alex’s Black Friday Story


I was planning to get myself an Xbox One this holiday season but was so unhappy about the offering I opted out of next-gen consoles altogether. Instead I just got myself a new TV and purchased a bunch of cheap games for 360 on ebay.

Next Gen Consoles and the Future of Gaming


The new wave of DLC-based content is ruining gaming and turning the gamer/developer relationship into antagonism. How can I, as a gamer, trust a company anymore when they frequently release unfinished games for full price and then charge more money for “DLC?” How can I be sure that DLC wasn’t just part of the game they help back in an effort to charge me more for the game?

Genetic Modification in Humans


We explore a variety of topics around the idea of genetically modifying human beings. Who will control it, how will it effect society, sports, global politics and more. We all agree that it is an inevitable step in human evolution, but what repercussions will it have? Might be a good time to watch Gattaca again.

Picks of the Week

John Wick 2


Look like we might get a John Wick 2! Obviously amazing news for us since we went apeshit for the amazing original. You should probably go apeshit also by watching this badass clip!

Rick and Morty


Adult Swim Rick and Morty. Yury says it’s good, check it out.



It is a bong for Champagne. Classy as it gets!

Creed (Rocky 7)


If you are even half a person, you already love Rocky. Well buckle up for the next installment, this movie rocks.

Guns Don’t Kill People People Kill People


This is a very smart blog post which uses logic to break down the arguments of people who are against gun regulation. It is an exceptionally good read for anyone on either side of the debate. Lots of great facts and links within to get a very good understanding of the issue. Read up.

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