• What to Trust

    A topic that comes from Malone. When reading or learning a story, how does one decide what sources are trustworthy and which are not? How much bias is acceptable? Does size and history of the news organization instill trust? My strategy is to read several articles on the same topic from different sources so I have a better idea of all the angles.

  • NYPD Boycott Quentin Tarantino

    Tarantino had some choice words for the NYPD during an protest against police brutality. They are upset because an officer died in the line of duty close to the date of the protest. Instead of putting out a well crafted statement about how police put their lives in danger they decided to boycott Tarantino’s movie… Pretty childish and pathetic in my opinion, totally confirming the immaturity the police who are bad eggs exhibit when they go mad with power.

    Later, they threaten Tarantino with an accident.

  • Chess

    I reference this article drunkenly, about people trying to build the smallest chess program.

    But the more interesting question is will Chess ever be fully solved? Meaning will the computer be able to say based on the first move alone, what the outcome of the game will be if both players played perfectly?


  • Classic Xbox Games

    I have been buying classic xbox games on ebay! They are super affordable, and the games are very awesome. I have especially fallen in love with Fight Night, first Round 3 and now Round 4.

  • Space Hulk

    Noah doesn’t actually like this game Space Hulk. But he wanted me to put the link in here anyway.

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