Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Farewell to Yury (as a cohost)

    When Yury and I started this podcast we had no idea how long we would keep doing it. A ton has happened since that day. Yury passed the bar, I got a new job, I got a cat, Yury got a dog and finally Yury got a new job. His big boy job requires him to put in many hours, and travel and still pay attention to his family so I totally understand how donating an extra 4-6 hours to a podcast is too much. Yury will come back is a special guest, but will not longer be a regular cohost. We all with him well.

  • Tough Questions

    A friend of mine forced me to make a series of choices about which animal I would save if two were at risk of death. I thought how interesting of a question this would be to identify people’s biases if it were presented with humans as the victims. For example do you save the black man or the Mexican man? It would be like an ink blot test. The knee-jerk choice you make is the person you like more, or consider more valuable. Think about it.

  • Fuck the Rich


    I realized this year that all of the time I spend bitching about how bad the government is at doing anything, and how much money is wasted on poorly managed programs has been a waste. Because a single corporate criminal costs the US economy more money than many terrible programs. I have not stopped hating the government or the shit-job that they perform, but I am going to focus more of my energy on hating the rich and corporate theft. I encourage you all to do the same.

  • Fantasy Football

    I hate football, and I hate fantasy football. I think it’s rude to talk about sports if there are people in the group that don’t give a fuck about sports. This concept applies to any subject. I realize some people LOVE SPORTS and that is fine, but not every conversation needs to be INFECTED with fantasy football does it? Fuck football season.

  • Selling Your Own Organs

    I was mistaken about the cost of an kidney in the podcast! It isn’t $85,000 it’s a whopping $200,000 according to this infographic. Well in that case it would cost you $350,000 for my kidney because it’s better. It would be $10,000,000 for an eye though. What would you charge?


  • Transgender Bathroom

    I am not ready yet to take a real position on how to deal with transgender people and bathrooms. However I strongly oppose any knee jerk reactions redneck bigots might have about how “Men should never be allowed to enter a woman’s bathroom.”

    I got into a fight on facebook with just such a fucking moron redneck who kept on insisting that he will “drop” any man who enters the bathroom with his daughter. He fails to realize that he is exactly the type of person that transgender people do not want to find themselves in the bathroom with.

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Retro Game Club!

In our first episode of the Retro Game Club segment Eric and I decided to play Alex Kidd in Miracle world. One of the original Sega Master System launch titles. The idea was to mimic Mario and make a recognizable mascot character. Although SMS did pretty terribly in America, Alex Kidd had a pretty long career! In the end though both of us thought this game was pretty bad despite having an impressive variety of gameplay including platforming, swimming, vehicles, puzzles, mazes and rock paper scissors matches. The real problem with the game? The horrible US box art. Look at it compared to the Japanese cover.

alex-kidd-us alex-kidd-japan

Join us next podcast having played Journey to Silius on NES! You don’t need to beat it or anything, just give the game an honest try and join the discussion. You can live tweet your experience at us, or save your feedback for a podcast comment. I think we can all have some fun playing classic games.


  • Rocket League

    Could Eric have a bigger boner for this game Rocket League? The answer is no. Maybe you can play it with him or something.

  • Paramount Vault

    Paramount has opened a Youtube channel where they will be uploading full length movies! Very awesome and I hope other companies get in on this.

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