Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Veganism and the Bible

    This is a conversation that is very important to me, despite being very non-religious myself. Many people I speak with however are and one of the most common justifications for eating meat is “God put animals on the Earth for me to eat.” To which I am unfortunately unequipped to deal with. Well Chris is here to empower me, and shine some light on exactly what the bible does have to say about eating animals and how it relates to humanity.

  • Shifting Abortion Views

    I have been pro-choice for as long as I can remember. My primary reason has been that I don’t value the lives of humans very highly and I don’t really care if there is one less baby in the world. But now when considering how a vegan sees the world I can see that isn’t good enough anymore. If that is the reasoning I use to not have to care about the plight of unborn babies is fine with me, then isn’t it also fine for other people to not care about the cows and chickens? Now I realize my reasoning isn’t good enough.

  • Master of Orion Remake

    One of my favorite games is getting a remake! If you have never played Master of Orion 2 (or 1) you should find a way to check it out. Super great.


  • Horizon Chase

    A slick iOS game, only costs 1.99 has NO ADS, NO IAP. Just a slick racing game with vibrant colors.

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