Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Jared the Pedophile

    Jared got busted with some serious child pornography and sex with minors allegations. This leads to a discussion about how seriously we take sexual abuse in America and how much of the emotional trauma that is attached to it is simply caused by our panic about it. I go deep into no-mans land talk about some strongly disliked topics, however the fact remains child pornography was completely acceptable in Japan until 1999. Read more via Washington Post

  • Target Eliminates Gendering on Toys

    I think this is a great idea because telling children at a young age what toys they are and are not allowed to play with is pretty backwards. Especially since we know that kids don’t “turn gay” by being allowed to do things that are not explicitly masculine or feminine. Let the girls play with cars, and the boys with cooking toys. Everyone else is just wrong and stupid. Read more via Ravishly

  • Twitter Plagerism

    Twitter is now pulling tweets that are marked as copyright violations. What implications does this have for creative media on the internet?

  • Genetic Engineering

    We are getting closer than ever to some serious genetic engineering breakthroughs. Are we for them or against them?

  • Lesson in Logic: Calling Someone a Hypocrite isn’t an Argument

    Think of this as a totally free tip for becoming better at making and understanding argument. Calling a person out as a hypocrite doesn’t do anything about their arguments or their position.

    In this specific example, people are protesting fossil fuel burning, but they are doing so while using products made from petroleum products, and driving cars which run on gasoline. Fossil fuel defenders are quick to point out how these people are hypocrites and their for their arguments are invalid. The fact is, they can be hypocrites, and have totally valid argument.


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