Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Yury’s Week

    Yury has a new job, and had a birthday. Then we go down the rabbit hole of the various Supreme Court Rulings about gay marriage and Obama care. Big week!

  • Confederate Flag


    People are actually defending the confederate flag over, I tried my best to understand why and the best they can tell me is that it’s a icon of southern pride. Kinda like a Nazi flag is a symbol of German pride? Just let the flag go, you lost the fucking war.

  • Direct Buy

    I got duped into trying DirectBuy. It is a membership based direct sales warehouse. Think of it like Sam’s Club except for furniture. I have been a member of Sam’s Club for years and there is nothing shady about it and I totally understand the business model. Is this any different? I will report back.

  • White Chicks 2


    White Chicks 2 is being released. In this movie two black actors put on white face paint to pretend to satire white valley girls. I am bothered because black face is such a huge racist act (even though I think taking offense to it is very overblown) and white face is totally acceptable. That is a huge double standard when if someone wants to dress up as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black in a totally non-racist way that is a huge racist deal. Meanwhile a this movie is a vehicle specifically to make fun of white people, and face paint is used, and no one cares?

  • Orange is the New Black


    Our thoughts on Orange is the New Black, favorite characters and seasons. We also discuss if the show is a comedy or not.


  • Jurassic World

    Yury loves this movie


  • Blades of Brim

    Yury loves this free iOS game.


  • Hearthstone

    I finally got into Hearthstone and it’s very awesome.


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