Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Amazon Echo

    Yury got himself an Amazon echo named Alexa. We play with it and try to make it do what we want. The best part about her is if you tell her to shut the fuck up she listens. She even played our picks music for us!

  • Pubic Hair Joke

    My dad told me a very strange Russian joke which was all about pubic hair. The joke is so strange I feel like I NEED to share it with everyone. I mean what is this pubic hair smoking phenomena?

  • AMC Movie Experience

    Although this is also a pick of Yury’s this topic is actually about his amazing theater experience. AMC theaters apparently really upgraded their luxury level with nice leather recliners!

  • Danish Radio Station Kills Rabbit

    A radio station in Denmark killed a rabbit on the air to make a statement about animal farming. We discuss the repercussions and validity of their message and discuss veganism a for a little bit. Read more via the Guardian.

  • Nickelback

    Yury is sick of people ripping on Nickelback! just let a band be a band, when did it become cool to hate them and why? Personally I don’t know much about them but I certainly don’t hate them, I am just too busy hating Kanye West.

Picks of the Week

  • Mad Max

    Mad Max Fury Road is one of Yury’s movies of the year.

  • Kung Fury Game

    There is a Kung Fury game on mobile and steam. I very much love it and my highest score is 194,000 get better!

  • 1 Pound of Flesh

    Jean-Claude VanDamme is still making movies, it’s a shame they are nothing compared to his former glory.

  • Kickboxer Soundtrack

    Speaking of JCVD! When was the last time you heard the Bloodsport or Kickboxer soundtracks? Probably never. You should look them up they are brilliant original scores.

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