Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Alex Goes Vegan

    I convert to full vegan. I encourage anyone to ask me anything about it, and I strong suggest everyone consider going vegan. It is the only ethical thing to do, and if you consider yourself an ethical person. Everyone must realize that in order to eat meat you need believe the following statement is true:

    “The torture and murder of innocent beings is less important to me than my pleasure.”

    We do not need to eat animals to live, we can easily consume ample nutrition without them. The idea that we need protein and calcium from animal products is totally false. Before taking another bite if steak I strongly challenge you to watch the totally free documentary “Earthlings.”

    The movie will not be fun to watch and it will not leave you feeling good afterwards. But I don’t want you to watch it for your enjoyment. I think before you proverbially answer yes to the above statement, you owe it to yourself to know what the victims are going through. If it’s too difficult to watch perhaps you can seriously consider the alternative.

  • Dadbod

    We discuss the “dadbod” phenomena currently sweeping the nation. Does this give men permission to let themselves go? Does that permission hurt women?


  • Cancer Charaties Steal Money Get Caught, Get No Punishment

    What is more disgusting? The people who created a ring of fake cancer charities and stole $200 million from kind people who wanted to help fight off cancer. Or the government institutions who let them off essentially without any punishment after catching them red-handed? Read more.

  • L.A. Makes Minimum Wage $15

    Although I am excited to see how this works, and I hope it’s a huge hit, the problem I have is how it’s impossible to go back. Once the min wage increases, there will be no way to decrease it again even if it doesn’t work. At that point the government will simply need to bail everything out to makes sure it works. I am not an economist and I don’t know everything, I agree that people should get paid more but there will always be a “minimum wage” and those people will always want more.

    You know the average rate of an EMT (Emergency Medical Tech) is about $15? Well now your Starbucks cashier makes that much too. Read More.


  • The 5th Wave

    A sci fi book about alien invasion. Yury says it’s good.


  • Bad Blood

    Our girl Tailor Swift putting out mad hits.

  • Arcade Classics

    Every since I did my review of the X-Arcade joy stick I have been going deep on classic arcade games. The classics are just so awesome! I love Pacman, Joust, Donkey Kong and this hidden gem Venture.

  • Van Damme

    If you know anything about Yury and I it’s how much we love JCVD.

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