Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Race and Discrimination in America

    Yury did some serious prep work for this topic and he brings up many reasons why racism still exists. It’s difficult to summarize all of the topics touched on in this segment but there is a fountain of insightful conversation.

  • Johnny Depp’s Dogs Become Stateless

    Johnny Depp went to Australia with his dogs but didn’t fill out some paperwork so the dogs were deported. Johnny also didn’t declare the dogs when he left America. In a typical absurd bureaucratic fashion the authorities hard saying the dogs can’t enter the country… I think the whole idea is a fucking JOKE and a waste of taxpayer money. Stop acting like a bunch of fucking morons, Johnny Depp isn’t a terrorist. Read story.

  • Everyone Should be Vegan

    Gary Yourofsky is an animal activist who travels around the world speaking against animal cruelty and promoting a cruelty free vegan lifestyle. I have found him to be very inspirational and people speculate that his speeches have converted over a million people to veganism. I take animal rights very seriously and I want everyone to open their eyes and stop being hypocrites. The flavor of bacon is not worth the suffering of 5 billion pigs.

Picks of the Week

  • The Wire

    An excellent crime drama. I have seen it all and it’s excellent.


  • Brooklyn Nine Nine

    This is a police show parody along the same lines as Parks and Rec and the Office.


  • The Wicked + The Divine


    Every 90 years, 12 gods are reincarnated in the bodies of living humans in an event called “The Recurrence.” This collection of gods, which includes names throughout various cultures such as Lucifer, Amaterasu, Sakhmet, and Morrigan, are collectively known as “The Pantheon.” The Purpose of the Pantheon throughout history has been to act as muses for humanity. In previous incarnations, the Pantheon has fostered some of the most important periods of cultural renaissance throughout humanity’s history.

    In their current incarnation, the Pantheon exist as a collection of pop stars who perform concerts which amaze and overwhelm the crowds who flock to to see them. However, one of their members has been framed for murder, an incident which has embroiled the entire Pantheon.

    The resulting events have placed the current mission of the Pantheon at risk. Even more dangerous however, is the possibility that these actions could prevent there being any future Recurrences. The result could be that humanity stagnates as cultural advancement is changed forever.

    Written by Keiron Gillen with gorgeous art by Jamie McKelvie, this series shouldn’t be missed.

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