Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Anita Sarkeesian

    Not to get into a right vs wrong argument again… All I am saying is, if people stop feeding the controversy, Anita will go away. Every time another “Down with Anita” video goes up, she only gets more popular.

  • Dog Food is a Scam

    I have been anti dog food for a long time. The whole idea of dog food is pretty much brand new. Once some butcher decided mopping up all of the dredge from his operation and selling it could make him a few extra dollars. Feed you dogs as if they are your kids.

  • Handicapped Line Cutter

    A woman in a wheelchair cut to the front of the line at the social security office. I was mad for a second but then I really had to think… Can I be mad?

  • Juliana Rancic and Fashion Police

    Juliana Rancic made a remark about how some black celeb with dreadlocks probably smells like Pachouli oil and weed. Kelly (the useless piece of shit) Osborn decided this is very racist and offensive. Despite the fact that it is NOTHING compared to most of the shit Joan Rivers said.


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