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  • San Diego Vacation

    I went on a really fun trip to San Diego to visit my brother/sister in law. It is an amazing place. There are dogs everywhere, the weather is perfect and the food is amazing. Oh did I mention there are no old or ugly people there? See my vacation haiku!

  • Brass Knuckles Felony

    In Minnesota owning brass knuckles, daggers and butterfly knives is legal. But in some states it is a felony to even OWN THEM. I am so mad about the idiocy of such a law. Carrying a hammer or pipe wrench around is just as lethal as a set of brass knuckles or a any standard knife. It’s also legal to own a gun. I think it’s dumb.

  • Sara Evans and the Last Man on Earth


    Yury thinks Sara is wrong in trusting Fox with their television programming. I agree with him that sheltering children isn’t the right idea however even I personally think the content in her rant is questionable for Fox. I think it is reasonable for parents to expect certain standards from TV channels, there are soft-standards in place. Cable TV can be more mature than basic, and paid channels can be as mature as they want. If Fox wants to blur the lines they need to face some backlash.

  • Free to Play Games are Good

    People hate free to play games (F2P). When a game is announced as F2P they get on their soap box and start giving a speech about how players are being exploited or how you have to pay to win. Fact is that model is so much better than the standard “pay and pray” model we grew up on. Think back to all the shit games you paid full price for. I am currently playing all of the NES games (all of which retailed for $50 back in the 80-90s) and most of them are HORRIBLE. Sure F2P can be done poorly, but then you just stop playing!

  • Fitbit Charge HR

    Yury is loving his FitBit charge! He loves heart rate tracking, and he loves the calorie burn. Do you guys have any experiences with FitBits? I used a FitBit slim for a while but I lost interest after I got sick of charging the battery.


  • Antiviral

    Here is a movie that is SURE to give you the creeps!

  • Nightcrawler

    Yury recommends this drama/thriller:

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  1. Ewan
    Ewan says:

    This Sara Evans character is out of line. The parent is solely responsible for what a child consumes. I would like to know what Sara did upon viewing what she found to be so egregious. Did she a) change the channel from the absurdity that is FOX television or did she b) leave the room to let her Facebook followers know how FOX is doing a terrible job at raising her children??? I don’t want to make assumptions or accusations about a person whom I do not know, but Krasny is right, screen the show. Also, her youngest child is 16. What 16 year isn’t at least familiar with masturbation???

    • AlexKrasny
      AlexKrasny says:

      Yury is the one that said screen the show. Krasny thinks asking parents to screen everything their kids watch is totally insane. But I very much appreciate your comment!


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