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  • Pricing poverty out of America

    A new take on my original sterilization idea. What if we sterilize all newborns like before. Except this time instead of the antidote being very affordable, it is prohibitively expensive? I realize this is very tyrannical and insane and nobody would be for it. Even I am not for it. However I want to explore this as a thought experiment. How would this effect society? Would it stop American population growth? How would it effect the economy?

  • McDonalds needs a vegetarian option

    Recently Ikea joins the Vegan bandwagon with the announcement that it will release vegan meatballs joining the ranks of Chipotle, Burger King, White Castle and many others. Who is missing from this expanding list? McDonalds. Why is the largest fast food chain in the world doing nothing to embrace the growing vegan/vegetarian movement?

  • Mental sentencing for prisoners

    Imagine we have the same technology as the matrix and we can plug people in to a virtual world. The word can be constructed to the specifications of the experts. What if we use this technology to rehabilitate prisoners? In the same way Neo can learn Kung Fu and how to fly a helicopter in a matter of seconds, criminals can be lead through a comprehensive rehabilitation campaign in a matter of seconds. The difference between the Matrix and this system is, brain actually feels like real time is passing. So 60 years in prison would still FEEL like 60 years even though it only take a second… Eric and I explore this topic in a variety of ways.

  • Should a doctor be able to refuse to perform on someone?

    Based on a real situation in Mosul in which doctors who refused to treat wounded ISIS soldiers are executed by the other ISIS members, we ponder the implications of letting doctors choose who they treat. I point out how crazy it is for combat doctors to treat the wounds of enemy soldiers, which are only wounded because allied forces attempted to kill them. I also bring up the dangers of discriminating doctors refusing treatment to citizens they don’t like.

  • Being healthy in America perceived as an art form

    Eric’s out-of-country friend said something thought provoking. She said in her country being healthy isn’t treated like an art form. I have never looked at it that way, but I can see it.



  • Zite News Reader

    Zite is an intelligent magazine that helps you discover interesting things to read. It functions much like Pandora but for stories. You can seed it with some magazines or publications you like, and then it will spin up a feed based on similar sources and stories. You can thumb up or down as you go to refine your feed. Totally free and ad free. Try it now.

  • 8Tracks

    This was already my pick last week. I spent a week enjoying exploring playlists on my drive to work. This week I actually dove in and MADE some playlists of my own and had a bunch of fun. You guys should check out my playlists! I think they are great:

    8trakcs-playlist2 8tracks-playlist1

  • Stayin’ Hot - Lobsterdust Mashup

  • Matt Taibbi

    Matt Taibbi is a writer at Rolling Stone magazine. He covers the financial world and its intersection with American politics, typically focusing on Wall Street. His ability to take complicated financial news and parse out the hypocrisy, inequality, and bravado of this sector of the American Economy is a service to us all in the wake of the financial collapse. Whereas Malone enjoys the droning dullness of The Economist, Taibbi’s blog at Rolling Stone is my pick of the week for AVDP style “in your face with the issues” reporting. Add it to your news rotation or die.

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  1. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    Investing in a urinal when I have my own home. But I have done that before, granted I lived in a heavily wooded area where no one could see me anyway.

    This rehab thing cannot work. If you can mentally excel someone 10 years, people would abuse it to gain more knowledge and get ahead, not even criminals. The world would become so advanced IF this ever became a thing. The experience may be 10 years, but you need to see that you age for it to effect someone. Now if you could put someone in a sleep for x amount of years and have them wake up and see themselves older I could argue that would be an equal “punishment” to this matrix scenario. You need to experience the time lost and know it is happening for it to work. Terrible run ons there but I’m just getting thoughts down.

    I don’t think you can get rid of all crime at birth by giving some shot or whatever procedure we are saying happens. I think there would be a “meta” of when you know X can’t happen it changes the thoughts of person Y and now person Y is the dangerous one, that needs to be fixed at birth.

    I’m glad you included what I said to you about the guys listening for 26 hours of pod casts and now decide to “quit” they are still there.

    Audio cut out at like 1 hour 12 minutes roughly.


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