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The Big Goodbye!

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform all of my viewers and listeners that AVDP is no more. I have had a great time hosting this podcast, and when me and Yury started it up we had no idea how long it would go. A lot has happened since the podcast began. Yury graduated from law school and is now a practicing lawyer, I got married, changed jobs and became a vegan. I got a cat and Yury got a dog. Malone finally got a girlfriend… And probably a ton more stuff I can’t even remember.

I am glad that so many listeners were a part of those developments in our lives, as well as all the conversations we had over the years. It’s been a great ride but all good things come to an end. Of course you can still stay up to date with all of us on social media, and I will continue to make a variety of Youtube videos on a variety of topics. So please enjoy this extra long final episode!

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