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AlphaGo computer defeats best human player

We go pretty deep discussing not only this particular instance of a computer beating a human at Go, but all of the other things that humans pretty much have no chance with anymore. We even venture into a near future in which computers produce all of the art in the world using algorithms for look and virality. Will human-generated are be a niche market one day like artisanal hand-made pots?

Read more about it via the Guardian.

StarTrek teleporters

Star Trek transporters have many problems. One of them is what happens when you get disassembled. Aren’t you being killed? The being that is re-created atom by atom on the planet is a brand new being with all of the memories. To him, the transport went flawlessly, however to the first person, his life came to an end.

Watch some cool video explanations via IFLscience.

Micro Aggressions

Our friend Mitch has something to say about mIcro aggressions. I must admit i might have been conditioned to be ultra sensitive about what might be hurtful to other’s feelings. Probably a product of my very liberal wife and society. But at the same time I am forced to asked, if you can get by easily in life and never use terms that might be offensive, shouldn’t you?

Drug testing the poorest people who get government assistance

Although I do not deny that is is “fair” or “just” to make sure people getting free tax money are not using it on illegal activity, I still thing this is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars and fails to solve any problems. Also consider what is the difference if a person benefitting from free government money spends it on ANYTHING “wasteful” like movies, gambling or manicures? Drugs is just a single arbitrary way to prevent people from getting the help they need. All we can do is try to help people and if they don’t want to be helped, we need to just let that go. We have bigger fish to fry.

Here are some stats about how successful these drug testing campaigns have been via ThinkProgress. Here is a look:


Picks of the Week

Blade Runner


I have never seen Blade Runner before. It is now on Netflix and I watched it. The movie is amazing and so is the soundtrack. Check it out!

Make your own script font

Visit print off this special sheet, fill it out with your hand writing and upload it. You will receive your own personal font file.

Anthology of muddled nightmares

Check out Mitch’s project. He writes the stories.


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