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Okay bringing everything back under control we did not get totally drunk before podcasting! You are welcome! After this podcast we did #bloodsportlive and it was a wonderful time. We had about 8 people show up other than ourselves and we chatted and tweeted. We are definitely going to do more of those movies it’s a blast. Welcome to episode 6, topics covered:

  • Big-party dinners, what is expected and how do you pay?
  • Parents putting baby photos on Facebook
  • Text communication in relationships
  • Egalitarianism in schools and uselessness of college
  • Microsoft using Siri’s voice in advertising
  • Amazon releases a phone wtf are they thinking?
  • Girls gone wild … who is buying this shit?
  • Jennifer Lawrence nudes and password security

Relevant links:
My password strategy
Siri vs Cortana ad

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