Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Cecil the Lion

    The main thing I want people to take away from this story is that a lion is not morally more or less important than any other single animal. The fact that this lion has a name and a “greater meaning” to humans is logically irrelevant. Every animal deserves the same compassion. So if you are deeply upset by the poaching of this lion, but you feel nothing when your uncle Buck goes out hunting deer, and you eat meatloaf, you should consider how out of line your thoughts and actions are. Read more via NYTimes

    This conversation bleeds into mob justice. In the case of the dentist, who by human terms, committed a pretty minor crime, has been destroyed by the internet. Is this something we want?

  • CEO who gives everyone 70k salary suffers

    I was super happy to see an independently wealthy CEO take the step to equalize salary in his company. He got tons of good press, but it looks like now things aren’t going so well for him. A few of his best employees left because they felt it was unfair that “inferior” people got substantial raises. He is also getting sued by his brothers, and his investors are getting squeamish. We can’t really know why the business is failing… But it makes me sad. Read more via Fox

  • Old people and poor technology etiquette

    Yury has noticed a trend since he began traveling a lot. Old people don’t seem to care that their phones are not on mute when they play their stupid mobile games! Come on people, grow up.

Picks of the Week

  • Deadpool

    Check out the Deadpool trailer!

  • Sling Kong

    Fun monkey game!

  • Mountain Goat

    A goat game!

  • Fruit Ninja 5-year

    Check out the latest fruit ninja update.

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