Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • San Diego Public Bathroom Costs City $$$


    Costs to install the two shiny, silver restrooms last winter in downtown’s East Village ended up significantly higher than initial estimates — $560,000 versus $215,000.

    Further clouding the future of the loos are annual maintenance costs, which have skyrocketed from an estimated $50,000 to at least $185,000 — not including $35,000 per year for water and $30,000 per year for vandalism repairs. Read more via San Diego Union Tribune.

  • Flag Desecration

    • Flag belongs to all
    • Flag represents freedom
    • Inanimate object
    • Emotional outrage/taking personal offense is irrational
    • Similar to Muhammad drawings
    • People claim to be patriotic for opposing flag desecration in protest, when opposite stance would make more sense as freedom loving
  • Our Fucking Heroes: Sandra Bland

    In our new segment “Our Fucking Heroes” we discuss the Sandra Bland incident. In this seemingly routine traffic stop, our hero police officer took it upon himself to sniff out foul play, drag this small black woman out of her car, slam her on the ground and arrest her … for resisting arrest. Job well done! Read more via USA Today.

  • Our Fucking Heroes: Short Bus Fare

    Speaking of slamming people on the ground, here is another story of our hero transit officers saving society from an 18 year old college student who was short .75c on bus fair. I am glad SOMEONE was on this bus to slam her on the ground for attempting to STEAL a discount bus ride. Read more via NBC Washington.

  • Baby Crawl Racing DQed for Cheating


    This cheating baby tries to scoot away with the trophy from a baby crawl race, but cannot outrun the eagle eyes of the race authorities! The baby and his parents were promptly disqualified from the race! Read more via Daily Mail.

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