I have some important podcast updates! First, the first third of the podcast was using the wrong microphone settings so it might sound a little shitty. It gets better later. Second, we are going to move the podcast to every other week. Thank you to everyone that tunes in every week and I hope you continue to tune in every other week. We love you guys. Third, I am sorry for getting so drunk.

Alex KrasnyAVDP Podcast Host

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Panhandling ... a good living!?

    My attempt to dispel the myth that panhandlers and street beggars actually make “pretty good money.” I am not saying everyone needs to give money to them, but using the excuse that you read a story about how they actually make good money is pretty sloppy. Below are some videos/reports of the few that actually do okay for themselves. Spoiler alert, their lives are not that great.

  • Underage Video Game Gamling

    Eric has seen the dark underbelly of video game gambling. These kids today are betting in-game accessories like hats, clothes and gun skins are matches. This is a gambling segment that has flown under the radar of modern society. Is this something that needs more scrutiny and regulation?

  • Police Bring Assault Rifles to a Suicide Negotiation

    Another situation in which always-on body cams would remove any doubt. Here is my favorite quote from this story.

    This wasn’t the first time that law enforcement in the area had been involved in a fatal shooting. One of the two officers that went into Justin Way’s home, Kyle Braig, was involved in a fatal shooting with a knife-wielding man five months ago. A few days after Way was killed, another suicidal man was injured by St Johns County deputies.

    Read more via the Daily Beast


  • Kung Fury

    Watch this trailer and try to tell me this isn’t the greatest thing ever made.

  • Far Cry Blood Dragon

    This is a game that is apparently not actually related to FarCry at all which I thought took place in a modern day tropical jungle… Looks tight though.

  • Sound Set

    Yury went to Soundset and had a great time. I just wanted to plug Aesop Rock and Tobacco video because it’s strange. Although in my drunkeness I go the song wrong. It is NOT Grape Aerosmith, it’s actually this song called Dirt.

  • Infamous: Second Son

    Yury is into this game.

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  1. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    Hey buddy! I kept waiting for the podcasts to show up on youtube, but after waiting a few weeks and not seeing anything, I finally made it to your site to find out podcasts are posted here as well! I like to listen to the podcast on my phone via the youtube app. Its more convenient and fun for me that way. I was wondering if you could post them on your youtube page also. Thanks bro…peace



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