AGREE or DIE podcast with Alex and Yury

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Fresh from the theater after the Expendables 3, Yury and I join forced to bring enlightenment on a variety of topics including:

  • Expendable
  • Robin Williams
  • Is Porn Cheating?
  • How much should you pay for socks?
  • How do you keep some from getting lost?
  • Is fitness tracking any good?

Whitney Houston vs Fallen Soldiers

My software created a strange audio issue that you may have noticed around the 55-57 min mark on my videos. I cut that section out in this video and replaced it with my self paraphrasing what I said. I am working with support on a fix for this.

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  1. David
    David says:

    Since my only choices seem to be to agree or die, I’m choosing death. It’s got to be waaay fucking better than listening to fucking Yuri fucking rant about fucking stupid shit for more than about two fucking minutes. Fucking get it, Babe?

  2. Tyler Fremming
    Tyler Fremming says:

    Alex, I only buy black athletic socks from costco.. and I have a contingent of black ankle socks for excercising as well. I don’t wear any “dress socks” per se. No one has ever inspected my socks in a meeting to condemn my black athletic socks as inappropriate.

    Yuriy… totally agreed on the uncomfortable dress socks… so I guess I take alex’s opinion, but I melded it with the black athletic Costco socks. Also solves problems with having orphan socks sticking to one kind. You just look at little odd at the gym with the black socks up your calf so I incorporated the ankle high ones which I suppose could be white if you want.

    • Yury
      Yury says:

      That’s pretty slick, I think I’m too oldschool to not have any dress socks, but you might have just converted me to black ankle socks.

  3. Wrunner
    Wrunner says:

    I just thought of something evil … what if the movie theaters provide their snacks in noisy containers ON PURPOSE. Perhaps in their minds, if you hear the rustle of someone reaching in for a handful of deliciously satisfying, buttery, salty popcorn, it someone tempts you to buy your own? Subliminal advertising through annoyance tactics.


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