Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • What happened to good service?

    I feel like the bad experiences I have at restaurants far exceed the exceptional. I can recall many horrible experiences I have had just in the last 3 months. Is this just a matter of negativity bias or have servers let themselves go?

  • Sterilize children at birth?

    My idea, we sterilize all children at birth. The antidote is available over the counter to anyone who wants buy it and it is very affordable. Taking the antidote pill will make you fertile within 24 hours. For the sake of discussion let’s ignore any medical side effects and assume it works. The idea is to prevent unexpected pregnancy, remove the need to even discuss abortion, eliminate rape and drug pregnancies. Both the man and the woman would need to make themselves fertile so no one part could ever surprise the other with a baby. Adam and Yury both bring up the risk of misuse. What do you think?

  • Eliminate representatives, go direct democracy

    What if America moved to a direct democracy? Instead of electing representatives to vote on our behalf we simply vote on everything ourselves? You could go to some website and log in with your social security number and vote on all of the bills that are up that day, week or month. Adam and Yury both have strong reservations about it, but I think it’s a pretty great idea.

  • Plan your free time

    Free time, the older you get the rarer it becomes. Yury says he finds himself paralyzed by all of the things we wants to do with his free time when he finally gets it and instead of deciding and doing something he wastes his time thinking. He proposes an interesting solution, plan out your free time activities. At the start of the week plan out what you want to do that week. On Tuesday I will read my book, Wednesday I will play Mass Effect 2 etc… It is an great tip and I will be trying it.

  • The price of audiobooks

    Yury was shocked to find out the audio version of the book he is reading costs a whopping $50. How could the audio book cost so much when the book itself only costs $8? We discuss how and why the price of audio books compares to the price of other media like music or video.

  • Audiophiles are like germaphobes

    You know those guys that spend $500 dollars on a set of headphones or have that $35,000 speaker set up in their house? What is wrong with them right? I have a theory that they have the same derangement as germaphobic people. They have a heightened awareness of something that everyone knows, but they just can’t stop being fixated on it. In this case it’s high quality music.


  • 8 Tracks

    Enter content hereThis is a free music streaming service available on web and mobile. The differentiator of this service when compared to Spotify, Pandora and others is that all of the playlists are created by people. You can create your own playlists as usual, but the real focus is searching by genre and discovering other users playlists. There are also very few ads. It’s 100% free so check it out.

  • Hardcore History Podcast

    I have been a huge fan of Dan Carlin’s podcast since I listened to Wrath of the Khans which was a 7+ hours epic 5-part podcast series on the Mongols. Currently I am listening to a similarly epic history of World War 1. Sounds boring?! It isn’t. Carlin has a great style and amazing passion for what he is doing. It is amazing entertainment, which is also educational.

  • Pepsi’s hilarious rebranding documentation


    Would you believe it if I told you this branding change cost tens of millions? Well it did, and everyone thought it was as ridiculous as you do right now. Somehow the “branding document” from Arnell (the agency responsible) was leaked and it is quite hilarious. You better take a look.


  • Shadowmatic

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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