Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Mobile vs Console/PC Gaming

    I have strange feelings when it comes to mobile gaming. I am almost immediately turned off by mobile games with storylines. I would much rather play a score-buster type of game like Fruit Ninja or Tetris. On PC/Console I find storyline driven games more appealing. I like both genres just fine objectively, but I have strong medium preferences.

  • Mobile Spending Mentality

    People have no issue spending $10 on a crappy fast food meal or $1.99 on a bottle of soda, but when they have to pay $.99 on a mobile game they think twice. Why is that? The conversation bleeds a bit into the difference between android and iOS users. I reference this Jimmy Kimmel rant:

  • Video Game Guides

    Who is still buying video game guides? How is Prima, and other guide publisher, still around? Is it the parents who are unknowingly buying guides for their children when they pick up a game? We share some guide horror stories. Yury expands the topic a bit on how much he hates preorders.

  • Pandora

    I am confused how Pandora is still around and being successful. It seems strange to me that anyone still uses it despite Spotify and Rdio both offering “learning radio station” functionality while also letting you create and curate playlists for a similar monthly price. Yury brings up this application for users curated playlists.

  • Better Payed Teachers = Better Educated Students?

    Bill and Melinda Gates foundation ran an experiment in NYC paying a district of teachers $100,000+ salaries. The results showed better student development. Read article on Fast Company.

  • The Waiter Circle Jerk

    Do you ever ask yourself “How can I make myself less of a burden on my server?” when you go out to eat? If you do, luckily this server took it upon himself to let you know how you can stop dining like a douche. For example NEVER EVER wave a server down. He already knows you need him before you do. Also don’t order your appetizer before your entree. They hate that. Read the article on Thrillist.


  • Dojo Slash

  • Edge of Tomorrow

  • The Fighter

  • The Babadook

  • John Wick

  • White Castle Veggie Sliders


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  1. Fat_Jonah_Hill
    Fat_Jonah_Hill says:

    Really enjoyed your podcast, especially your discussion on assessing the value of your purchases. Seems like such an elementary idea, yet I all too often find myself blinded by consumerism that I don’t even notice what little value I am getting. Great show guys!


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