Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Thank for the reviews

    To all the lovely people that decided to give us 5-star reviews on iTunes we really appreciate it! It might take a while for you to get your gifts, but we promise we are thinking about something brilliant, be patient and keep listening. The offer still stands by the way. Show us proof that you are writing a review and you WILL get a gift mailed to you. This week special thanks is owned to Henry Reed, Dr. Seven Constanza and Patrick O’Neil.

  • Tipping

    Why do we tip some laborers but not others? Why dies Mr Green Mill get a tip when Mr Taco Bell does not? Is the world fair? Is America weird? We discuss our tipping practices and the practices in other countries.

  • Diamond Rings

    A listener writes in and asks how we feel about societal pressure to buy a diamond ring for your bride-to-be. I talk about my thought process behind purchased the the engagement ring I gave to my wife, and we discuss the diamond culture in America.

  • Hatred, the game

    This is obviously a disturbing game, but is it more disturbing that games we already play? If so, why? In Grand Theft Auto all I ever do is go on mindless killing sprees. I will be lucky to complete a single missions in a three-hour session, isn’t that worse than playing a game were mindless killing is the goal?

    Interview with developer via Polygon

  • Can humanity and artificial intelligence live in peace?

    An often-explored question in science fiction, me and Yury ask ourselves. What if artificial intelligence was a reality? Could our two life forms co-exist?

  • Play Doh dildo toy

    Not sure how this toy could get past even the most minor amount of scrutiny … it did. We discuss both the hilariousness of this toy and also the absurdity of the outrage.



  • Darius Kazemi

  • The Equalizer

  • 22 Jump Street

  • Noah

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