Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Christmas Recap

    We discuss our Christmas highlights. The most successful and least successful gifts and family events. Also the thrilling conclusion to the story of the gift I gave to my parents.

  • Pornstar Parents

    What would it be like to discover that one (or both) of your parents were pornstars in the past? How would that effect a child’s high school and college life? I talk a bit about teen mom and her sex tape and how that will undoubtably effect her child.

  • Wolf of Wallstreet

    We discuss the movie and our thoughts. I bring up how this movie follows a similar structure to many other movies like Goodfellas, Casino, Blow, Catch Me If You Can and Scarface. Maybe this should be it’s own genre? Yury says this is a genre, it’s called a biopic. Maybe he is right.

  • The Hobbit

    I haven’t seen any of the hobbit movies, Yury has, and he also has some beef. How can a single book me made into three long movies? Why should it be? We also go into Peter Jackson’s fetishism for having characters in his movies wander aimlessly through forests.

  • Salespeople

    Have you ever discovered that someone is a salesperson after having a successful conversation? When this happens to me I get a very strange feeling. Can I actually take anything that was said in that conversation seriously? I think this feeling is similar to the feeling a homophobe gets when he discovers the person he is speaking with is gay: forced to question everything with a new potential ulterior motive.


  • Cheaters

    This show is one of the most hilarious I have watched in a long time. At the same time though, it’s really sad.

  • Equalizer

    Yury says you should check this movie out.

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