Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • The "Cycle of Prolife" Comic

    This prolife propaganda comic has been popping up in my Facbook feed a few times and It makes me angry. I hate all of these memes that are created to simplify a very complex topic. I call this phenomena “pop corn politics.” It isn’t about me agreeing or disagreeing with the subject. It is more about the mindless re-sharing of this trash without actually thinking or talking about it.

  • Monkeys and Bananas

    I do not remember how or why I read this anecdote but it demonstrates how a group of people can internalize a blind belief in something they have never experienced for themselves. The anecdote describes an experiment in which a group of monkeys is offered a banana, but when any monkey takes the banana all the monkeys are shocked. How do the monkeys deal with this situation?

  • Choose Your Own Adventure

    Yury reflects on the fun we had reading choose-your-own-adventure books. What ever happened to them? Can the choose your own adventure framework be applied to other media? Does letting the reader choose his adventure cheapen the story?

  • Antibacterial Soup

    Yury rages against America’s obsessions with going antibacterial. Is killing all bacteria, including the good ones, actually better than leaving some around? Are we creating strains of ultra bacterial that will soon be immune to everything and take over the world?

  • Loki and Chloe

    Yury’s girlfriend Chloe and new pup-pup Loki visit the podcast. Say hello to them and appreciate their adorableness.

  • The Garner Grand Jury

    How in the world did the grand jury not indict Daniel Pantaleo? Yury explains how a grand jury works and what the function is. Bottom line is a grand jury should pretty much ALWAYS indict. Especially when there is a case of a murder, and the murder is on tape. What is the world coming to? Should we execute the jury?

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