Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Minimum Wage

    An in-depth discussion about the minimum wage issue. What are the consequences of raising minimum wage? How do businesses afford this increase? Does every job NEED to provide a livable wage? Listen to three super smart gentlemen discuss these major issues.

  • Hulu still sucks

    I talk about my comparing to shit on twitter and how successful it has been. Most importantly how poorly Hulu representative are handling my rage on social media. They are ignoring me.

  • Veggie Burgers

    White Castle launches a new veggie slider, morons on twitter are upset. Meanwhile, McDonalds shits on vegetarians with a stupid Big Mac advertisement.

  • McDonalds finally made a good commercial

  • Hotel Dupont

    A good samaritan decided to buy a fancy hotel suite for 6 homeless people on Christmas Eve. After getting the entire thing approved and figured out, the hotel decided not to let the homeless people in. This hotel is a piece of shit and everyone should go leave a 1-star review on every service for them. Read Story

  • Freelance workers reshape the nature of work

    Adam brings this topic to our attention. How the emergence of freelance jobs like Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, and random local delivery services are offering people an entirely new way to make a living. Read article

  • Microsoft gives away free games to gold members

    Good old slow to change Microsoft finally understands how to take care of it’s customers. They are giving away two free games a month. I think this is a very overdue positive move. Yury informs me that Playstation Network does the same thing except they give away 5 games a month and give away better game. Xbox still sucks.


  • Dictionary of Numbers Chrome Extension

    Download this Chrome extension and have more fun surfing the web than ever! Numbers have never been so interesting.

  • Star Trek the Original Series


  • Air Fortress NES

  • Living a Better Life Through Chemistry

  • Brian Sanderson (Author)

    Yury is a huge fan of the Brian Sanderson and he has actually been reading books! Both the Mistborn series and Way of the King series. Check those out if you love reading.

  • Escape Plan

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