Twitter User Interface Overview: Needs Improvement

Why is Twitter letting third party companies get away with making money by providing obvious features to Twitter users? Why doesn’t Twitter just implement all of these OBVIOUS features? Just provide users with the features they want, this is basic software development people. Twitter needs to get better. The dumbest part about it is Twitter can clearly see what people want and what they don’t because they are throwing money at SproutSocial and Hootsuite to get them. I can understand how it is hard to innovate alone, but it’s already been done people! Just do it better it’s all YOUR FUCKING DATA after all. Twitter could offer insight no one else can. Do they even employ any user interface specialists at that stupid company? I have a good idea, hire me! Here, I already improved your website by 300%. I am not even an expert.

  • Add multiple columns
  • Make better use of space
  • Allow saved searches
  • Provide analytics
  • Provide click-through stats
  • Tweet scheduler
  • Link shrinker
  • Hyperlinked text
  • Get your heads our of your asses

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