Blood Sport 4 Cover

Review: Bloodsport 4

Blood Sport 4 Cover

Easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen and not in a good way. I am not sure how movies this horrible can even be made. Don’t they cost actual money? Don’t let the name Blood Sport confuse you, Van Damme hasn’t been in Blood Sport since the first. Daniel Bernheardt took over as the hero of 2, 3 and 4.

This is where it gets funny. Daniel plays Alex Cardo in Blood Sport 2 and 3, a reformed thief with a family who participates in the Kumite to find spiritual balance. In Blood Sport 4 he plays a totally different character: John Keller a hero cop with an addiction to underground fighting rings. For the first 45 min of the movie I couldn’t even figure out why everyone was calling Alex Cardo John and what happened to his family. I was trying to figure out if this is Alex Cardo’s twin brother, or if Alex Cardo is undercover… Seriously how do you keep the same actor, in the same series but change his character? This has to be some kind of fundamental rule of film casting.

Anyway I only want to talk about a single plot element. John is a decorated cop who put some thug named Shreck away. Shreck faced the death penalty but he some how escaped and killed again. John caught him again and he went back to prison. Turns out some higher-up pardoned him or payed his way out of the death penalty or something? Whatever, typical so far. John is enraged by this so he breaks into jail, breaks into Shreck’s room, puts a gun to his head ready to kill when two police officers round the corner and confront John. He shoots and kills them both without a second thought right as his parter rounds the corner. He chooses not to shoot his partner or Shreck, instead it flashes to a trial where he is convicted and sent away. I seriously thought this was a dream sequence. I fully expected John to wake up all sweaty in bed. It wasn’t it actually happened, and it turns out it was all part of the plan! Both his partner and his superior are in on it! He wanted to get convicted to end up in prison with Shreck to expose… something. It is really too bad the two cops he shot and killed were not “in on it” but sometimes you need to make it believable right?