• Duck Tales - 1/1

    Everyone who has played this knows that it is awesome. Capcom truly delivers in this masterpiece. The controls are crisp, the music is outstanding. You get to choose your starting level, which is awesome at keeping you from getting frustrated. Nothing bad I can say about it.


  • Duck Tales 2 - 1/1

    It played exactly like Duck Tales, and there is nothing wrong with that! It’s a classic Mega Man formula, same game every minor modifications, most of witch we didn’t even discover during gameplay. I actually never knew there was a sequel to Duck Tales! Does that make this a hidden gem?


  • Dudes with Attitude - 1/1

    Not much to say about graphics or sound, but the game play reminds me of an old Mac game I used to have called Diamonds. You control one “dude” and he automatically bounces from left to right like a ping pong ball, you must input the up and down commends to effect what he bounces off of. The game is pretty lackluster all around but the 2-player co-op actually puts it over the edge.


  • Dungeon Magic - 0/1

    As we know it’s impossible to properly review a dungeon crawler like this in 5 minutes. There probably isn’t anything horribly wrong with this game except for the “draw distance.” But I don’t imagine anyone getting to much pleasure for playing it. If you want to play a good modern dungeon crawler go get yourself Legend of Grimrock.


  • Dusty Diamonds Softball - 1/1

    This is an off-beat baseball game that has a demon as one of the possible players! Despite constantly bitching about how much I hate sports titles, I actually don’t seem to hate them that much. They are much better than modern sports games because there is almost no “team building” you just hit start and play!


Play Along!

Does something look like fun? You want to check it out for yourself? There is nothing stopping you! Emulating these games is easier than ever. If you are a Mac user, go download OpenEmu right now. If you are a Windows user just go get FCEUX NES emulator. All you need now is the games.


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  • Dragon Spirit - 1/1

    What a great SHMUP! You play as a man who turns into a dragon and then goes berserk in this fantasy universe. There are two modes of fire, air to air and air to ground which is not super unique, but pretty refreshing. The power ups are fun and I assume it has cool bosses although we never reached any on our five minutes.


  • Dragon Warrior Series - 0/1

    Look, I know Dragon Warrior is a beloved series and it set the stage for hundreds of JRPGs to come. I never played it, I have no nostalgia, compared to games today I consider this pretty unplayable. The graphics are lame, the gameplay is rudimentary at best and I don’t know what the story is. If you want to get a great RPG experience you really should turn to the SNES.


  • Dragons Lair - 0/1

    Man! I watched the Angry Nerd play this and it really did look like shit but I almost didn’t believe it. Well he wasn’t kidding, this game controls like shit. Dirk plays like a bathtub full of tar.


  • Dropzone - 1/1

    I thought “Defender!” as soon as I played it. I was never a big fan of defender for some reason, but I can tell that technically it is a great game. There seems to be more of a point than just shooting your way around like Space Invaders or Galaga. At least you need to save people from aliens. Decent game, even Emily enjoyed it.


  • Duck Hunt - 1/1

    The one thing emulation can’t do… Emulate light gun games. I remember playing the HELL out of Duck Hunt when I was a kid and now I feel like i’ll never be able to play it again.

  • Duck Maze - 1/1

    Your hero duck needs to safety roll his egg down some kind of factory. The egg can only withstand a drop from a certain height without breaking unless it lands on something soft. Enemies will also break your egg if they touch it. I did not find this game very fun, but as a puzzle game, it is passable.


  • Dr Chaos - 1/1

    Me and Eric explored this game further and it turns out to get anywhere you need to wander around and use the “hit” command on every section of wall in the rooms. Often you will punch a hole in the wall which will grant you access to more areas of the house. Story progression based on totally hidden secret rooms? That is pretty annoying writing… Oh well just because it isn’t my thing doesn’t mean the game is bad. It actually controls pretty well and the gameplay is fun enough.

    Dr. Chaos NES gameplay

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - 0/1

    One of the most hated games on the internet, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde might be a little misunderstood. I did not feel it was as difficult to play as the other YouTube personalities. There are plenty of annoyances like how your staff attack seems totally worthless and how some towns people attack you and some don’t. But honestly this game’s biggest problem is boredom. The levels are way too long and the only game play, if you are playing well, is to SLOWLY walk to the right and jump. Yawn.

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde NES gameplay

  • Dr Mario - 1/1

    My experience with Dr. Mario is very limited. I have probably played Dr. Mario more in Smash Brothers Melee than I have in his original form. Even to the untrained eye, the game certainly feels right. The music is awesome, the gameplay is tight and they even have a competitive 2-player mode. It’s a winner.

    Dr. Mario NES gameplay

  • Dragon Fighter - 1/1

    Never heard of this game. I have never even seen it pop up on any “hidden gems” lists. Why not? The animation is awesome, the graphics are good, the gameplay is solid and you get to turn into a dragon. I am going to give this game some extra play time, but it might enter MY hidden gem list.

    Dragon Fighter NES Gameplay

  • Dragon Power - 1/1

    I actually looked this up, it is a Dragon Ball Z game! But it came out before Dragon Ball Z aired in America so we would have no idea what is going on. So… They changed what Goku looks like, and slightly changed the names but left most of the story totally intact… Not sure how that helps. This game feels like Zelda with slightly goofy looking graphics. The dialogue is hilarious! I liked it.

    Dragon Power NES Gameplay