how to tie a trinity necktie knot
how to tie a trinity necktie knot
trinity tie knot on purple tie

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  • About This Knot

    Everyone’s favorite knot, the Trinity. It is named after, and based on, the trinity knot from Celtic culture. It also has some holy-trinity connotations. The knot is triangular and has 3-way symmetry. I can confidently say that it is the best looking knot I know. Tying this knot demonstrates a mastery of knot-craft.

  • Difficulty: Med

    This knot is much easier than the Eldredge. Less fabric is needed in the tie, and so, more is left over for adjusting. The moves themselves are pretty simple, and once learned, this tie can be performed very fast.

  • Fabric Consumption: Med

    As stated above compared to the other little-end knots, the Trinity consumes less fabric. Still, if you are very tall or large you might have a little trouble getting the length right. For the vast majority of people there should be no issues.

  • Symmetry: High

    The Trinity has 3-way symmetry and it’s shape resembles a hexagon. It also has a center point where the pattern converges creating a vortex look.

  • Style: Stripes, Solids, Patterns

    On a solid tie, the trinity pattern is most pronounced and visible allowing the knot itself to be the focus. Paisley patterns are often overpowering and may hide the knot’s natural folds and shadows. Patterns have a similar risk, but polka dots, or diamonds on a light colored tie should work fine. Stripes are a special case. The way the pattern works, if you get it just right, you can get all the stripes to converge into the center creating a pinwheel effect. Alternatively, if the stripes go around the edges, you can get a triangle effect. This takes lots of practice and trial and error, but might be worth it.

  • Venue: Not Formal

    Unless you know how to carry yourself very well, I generally don’t recommend super exotic knots, like this one, at formal events. Formal events might including a meeting with the Queen of England, going to a political dinner, or a and important trial. At places where a non-standard knot may be distracting from important subject matter, you should wear a windsor. However everywhere else that is either mundane or light-hearted the Trinity is an excellent talking point. You end up being a magician and everyone wants to know how you perform your trick.

  • Diagram

    how to tie a trinity knot diagram

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