eldredge tie knot on purple tie
how to tie an eldredge necktie knot
eldredge tie knot on a gold tie

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  • About This Knot

    Windsor knot? That is so 1902. The future is now, and so is the Eldredge knot. Watch the video below to learn how to tie this masterpiece and be noticed. It can be tied with any standard-size tie, and it is acceptable in a variety of settings. I have a substantial amount of experience with this knot and I can say without a doubt it is always a success when worn in public.

  • Difficulty: High

    This is a difficult knot to tie correctly, not only because it has many moves but also because it is so difficult to adjust if a mistake is made. Usually you need to untie the whole thing, perform any re-adjustments and try again. This makes it difficult, and sometimes annoying, to get the height just right.

  • Fabric Consumption: High

    This knot consumes a lot of fabric since it contains so many moves. It might be impossible for taller or larger people to successfully tie it and have the tie still reach the belt line.

  • Symmetry: Med

    Although the braid pattern itself is by definition asymmetric, the knot itself ends up making a symmetrical triangle shape. That is what makes this knot acceptable for more formal affairs than other asymmetric knots.

  • Style: Solids, Patterns

    The Eldredge knot is complex, if you tie it with a striped tie the stripes end up shooting in seemingly random directions and make it look somewhat disorganized. I do not recommend stripes because of this. I don’t recommend paisley because the paisley pattern cloaks the complexity of the knot. Although it looks fine, it makes it hard to notice that the knot itself is a pattern. Solids are optimal because they highlight the natural folds and shadows of the knot. Patterns also work.

  • Venue: Celebratory, Casual, Work

    People say this knot is makes you seem desperate for attention. I think desperate is a strong word, but I promise this knot will get you attention if you want it. It makes it obvious that you care about how you look, and you took extra time today to make your knot this way. Wear it accordingly. I would to recommend this for formal affairs as it is so non-traditional and possibly distracting. However for weddings, parties, or even work, this knot is an ice breaker.

  • Diagram

    how to tie an eldredge knot diagram created by blacklapel.com

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