Diablo 3 Auction House Review: 0/1


I love Diablo 3 and I am having a blast playing it. I am getting 1 hour of sleep less each night mostly due to my NEED to post all my loot on the auction house before bed. I am happy we have an auction house to use when we get loot we don’t need. Almost as much of my fun is had on the AH as in the game itself. However, as far as auction interfaces go, this one is a total catapstrphe. You can’t sort by numerical values which are clearly displayed, you can’t search for more than 3 parameters, you can’t see prices of sold items, you can’t even fucking see which if YOUR items you sold. This shit needs to get fixed. Blizzard, you shit the bed. I don’t know what your user interface team was doing, I can’t believe no one noticed all these glaring mistakes.

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