Deviantart of Trolling Part 5: Over-troll Edition

So check it out. There are three things I hate in DeviantArt. I hate anything made in DeviantArt Muro, it’s a web-based paint applet within the DA website. It isn’t even bad! But everything ever made on it looks like shit. I hate all these “Support Japan” themed images. Most of them are horrible, all of them are useless. Finally I hate wallpapers that are not wallpaper sized. I decided to roll all of these into one, and make it myself. So I made this, my most hated piece of shit that I have seen 100 times.

Ignore the comments they aren’t important yet. as you can see it’s called Terrible Cliche Wallpaper and it looks like shit. The point of this is to fish for one of my victims to come look at my work on DA and see this. Then say something like “LOL! You dare talk shit to me when you make trash like this!?” When in reality I am just trolling them the entire time. (For the record I do have about 10 or so images on DeviantArt so it’s not like I am being all anonymous.) Anyway, I have been waiting for the moment when someone bites the bait and it finally happened.

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