AVDP EP28 | Super Bowl | Commercials | Gamer Gate

AVDP EP28 | Super Bowl | Commercials | Gamer Gate

Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP

  • Super Bowl Madden 2015 Prediction

    I had no idea about any of this, but I guess Madden the game franchise simulates the Superbowl every year, and the game has been right 9/12 times! It did more than just choose the winner this time, it also got the score perfect, predicted the MVP, and knows how many touchdowns Tom Brady would throw. Read about it at Business Insider.

  • Super Bowl Commercials

    There were some strange commercials during this year’s game. Check them out and tell us what you think.

  • Gamer Gate

    The discussion of Gamer Gate is a true vortex. You cannot talk about it without getting sucked into a truly epic conversation. It is going to be impossible for me to summarize all of the directions the discussion goes. Suffice it to say my bottom line is Anita Sarkeesian makes plenty of good points and I think it’s important to think about. If you want to disagree with her points, by all means. However the childish threats and name calling aren’t doing anyone any good. You need to be a logical human being.

    Here are the two specific videos from Thunderfoot which I feel completely miss the point, and do a truly terrible job of refuting points Anita has made. How or why he has so many followers is beyond me, but it is a shame someone this out of touch with logic has such great influence.


  • The last cheesburger in Iceland

    Check out the live feed of the last value meal in Iceland looking not a day older than then when it was made over 5 years ago!

  • Gone Girl

    Yury finally watched Gone Girl and he thinks it’s pretty good.

  • Grand Budapest Hotel

    Yury rates his favorite Wes Anderson movies. I have hardly seen any of them.

  • Wes Anderson Makes Symmetry cool again

    Just in case you don’t know what I am talking about with people’s erections for Wes Anderson’s symmetry fetish. Here is one of MANY demonstrations.

  • Jeff Birdges - Sleep Sounds

    Jeff Bridges made this silly album to help people get to sleep for a Square Space commercial. You can download the album for free, or pay what you want and all profits will go to Jeff’s favorite charity. I downloaded it for $1 and I think it’s very funny and excellent. Check it out.

  • Super Oleg

    Check out Super Oleg’s sweet Adobe tutorials and videos.

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