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How to Extract Fun Out of Mass Effect Andromeda

I am not going to beat around the bush. This is a very bad game compared to the previous Mass Effect entries. There are glaring design problems that are completely inexcusable from a team of this caliber. Make sure to watch my first impressions video below in which I go over most of these problems. […]

Do You Even Fidget Bro?

I kickstarted the fidget cube when I first saw it because it just seems like an awesome toy to have at your desk. What can I say, I love it! Watch my video for a full review and get your own cube from AntsyLabs! They are $23 now which is pretty steep, but they make […]

Could Troi Really Beat Data in Chess?

Do you guys watch Star Trek TNG? Of course you do. Well hopefully you will remember this episode called Conundrum as well as I do. The is the historic episode in which Data is defeated in chess (3D chess) by Deanna Troi. I remember seeing this when I was in middle school and kinda scoffing… […]