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Vegan Philosophy Starter Kit

The most important thing you need to succeed as a vegan is confidence. When you first become a vegan and people start finding out everyone is suddenly a doctor, nutritionist, biologist or anthropologist (/sarcasm) and they begin to use their deep knowledge of these subjects to tell you why you are wrong. It is important […]


Article Refutation: “Someone Explained Why Veganism Is Not Cruelty Free”

Argument: “Eating vegetables isn’t cruelty free because humans are exploited and animals are killed even in vegan food production” Refutation 1: The argument: because one solution isn’t perfect (being 100% cruelty free) it is not valuable is a fallacy. Nirvana fallacy: By creating a false dichotomy that presents one option which is obviously advantageous—while at […]

Tokaido Character Guide (Crossroads and Matsuri)

Make sure to check out my Tokaido Crossroads Guide for Expert Travelers! The Tier List 32. Nampo (Power 16) 31. Kamui (Power 18) 30. Miyataka (Power 18) 29. Suseri (Power 21) 28. Mari (Power 21) 27. Kita (Power 21) 26. Iyasaka (Power 21) 25. Chihaya (Power 21.5) 24. Hiroshige (Power 23) 23. Kidzuna (Power 23) 22. […]


Tokaido Crossroads Guide for Expert Travelers

Tokaido was one of the first board games I purchased when I started my transition from Magic the Gathering to tabletop gaming. My collection started humbly with Coup, Love Letter, Sushi Go and Tokaido. I started by watching every episode of TableTop on youtube and Tokaido was the game that caught my attention the most. […]

Sushi Go 1v1 Variant – Grid Drafting

This is a well tested 1v1 drafting variant for Sushi Go (and Sushi Go Party) which creates meaningful interplay between the two players. I originally learned this method of drafting during my Magic the Gathering days though I am not sure where it originated. Set Up: Divide all of the Sushi Go cards into twelve […]