Advertising Fail: T-Mobile Apple Rip Off

T-Mobile’s current campaign with the young pretty girl as myTouch 4G and the trendy guy (maybe a little too metrosexual though) as and iPhone is clearly a rip-off of Apple’s successful campaign with the nerdy PC guy and Justin Long. But just like Microsoft’s horrible “I’m a PC (and I am proud)” campaign, this one totally misses the point.

Nobody cares about the service. All the phone companies either suck equally, or are just fine equally. Keep your ears open, you will hear people say “I hate Verizon, I hate ATT, I hate T-Mobile.” They are the same! They are all mostly fine, offer practically the same service. The difference is clear, iPhone is better. People aren’t RUSHING to Verizon because they love Verizon’s 3G, they are rushing to Verizon because that’s where the iPhone lives. If myTouch wants to be better than iPhone then they probably should market something about them that is BETTER than iPhone. Not smoke and mirrors about having better service, or nationwide coverage. Who falls for this shit?

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